Los Altos Beach Resort and SPA


Luxury Suites
Each of our luxury apartments is a testament to the human capacity to achieve easy, safe, and enjoyable modern day elegance in a land of everyday, dynamic adventure. Inspired by the Balinese style, which emphasizes a harmonious fusion between nature, comfort and luxury, we have created a tropical vacation getaway unlike anything else in the Manuel Antonio area.

Gourmet Restaurant
The gourmet restaurant and bar at Los Altos is on the right side of the mountain, and by right, we clearly mean the most gorgeous and relaxing. Situated so as to capture a resplendent, commanding view of the Pacific Ocean, our simple, yet stylish design offers patrons a full five sense dining experience, appealing profoundly to sight, sound, smell, texture, and especially taste.

Los Altos Beach
As you make your way down to the beach – whether at a leisurely stroll through the verdant jungle surroundings or hop aboard our convenient private shuttle – you will feel all signs of hurried civilization fade far into the background, making way for you to experience the timeless now of Los Altos.

For more details please visit: www.losaltosresort.com

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